Want to have a #Bond style night out in London – just call Flag in the Sand

Flair concierge company Flag in the Sand recently spoke to famed travel blogger WanderlustChloe about how fulfilling someone’s James Bond fantasy is just one of the many dreams that become reality on their watch.

Flag Wanderlust piece


For the truly adventurous looking to splash the cash, get in touch with the team at Flag In The Sand – a concierge service who pride themselves on delivering the impossible. I contacted them to organise a day out in London that any wannabe Bond would be proud of. For around £5K, this could all be yours:

After a hard morning’s spying it’s time for James Bond to go for lunch at the Roux Room at The Langham. Then to master tailor Anthony Sinclair to be fitted for the evening suit famed in Dr. No, before sauntering around the corner for the appropriate silk cuffed shirt from Turnbull & Asser. Realising this took a little longer than expected and he is late to pick up his company for the evening, the only thing to do is to commandeer a RIB and speed down the Thames from London Bridge to Battersea Heliport.

Realising his date has forgotten her necklace, Bond assumes control of a helicopter for the short hop to DeBeers diamonds HQ on Charterhouse Road where his contact greets the two of them, before ushering them swiftly to the showroom where she selects her showpiece for the evening. They exit into their waiting Jaguar limousine, before being whisked to the red carpet of George Clooney’s “Not on Our Watch” Gala at Billingsgate Market. Then it’s time to finish the night at the Shangri-La Shard for Dom Perignon and of course, a signature shower scene.

Read Chloe’s article in full here: http://www.wanderlustchloe.com/2015/10/how-to-live-the-james-bond-lifestyle-in-london.html

Media enquiries for Flag in the Sand contact ITSPR


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