lonpaperblinglondpapblingcropbling says take a break

We bought a stuffed fox on Ebay for the princely sum of £31.

We named our fox after the London Paper’s Luke Blackall, as they share the same strawberry blond fur. His show name is Luke Foxall (the ginger ninja party fox) but we call him Mr Bling for short.

Since we got him, he has DJed at Chinawhites, been filmed at Winter Wonderland, had a shout out on Ice Cold FM and been asked to make a public appearance on New Year’s Eve. He has been on the cover of magazines, been shot by celeb photograher The Mofo, name checked in the Daily Star and PA Pictures have papped him. He has a facebook page, a twitter account and is friends with journalists from Sun, Star, Mirror, London Paper, London Lite, NOTW, Mail on Sunday  – as well as celebs such as Kelly Osbourne, Gail Porter, Kristian Marr, Meg Mathews, Amy Winehouse and Kate Moss. Entertainment News ask him for his diary details. He has also been asked to host his own chat show.

RAW MATERIAL: we even take things from Ebay and we make them cool.


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