If you #Chelfie when you shop you need new app @Pollpic


Reportedly celebs like Jessie J are doing it: that is posting selfies from the changing room and sharing them in order to decide what outfit to buy.

The #Chelfie – highlighted recently in an article by The Sunday Times – is actually what inspired self-confessed techie Ranjet Chohan to create his app Pollpic.

My wife was always sending me changing room selfies of different clothes asking me which one I liked but she was also sending the same photos to several of her best friends,’ Ranjet explains ‘,And me being pressed for time (impatient) I wanted a better way to respond like swiping the image to show if I liked it. But I also secretly wanted to know what her friends thought so I could see how bad my taste in clothes really is…’

Pollpic allows the user to create image based polls in a few fast clicks and get opinions on them in real time. Polls can seamlessly be shared through Facebook and Twitter and votes are summarized instantly. In the case of the #Chelfie this makes the whole process simple and seamless – snap, post and the user can decide whether to put the vote to their friends alone or the internet at large.

‘Thousands of young people are turning their backs on shop assistants and instead using technology to ask their friends for advice from afar.’ (Sunday Times*)

In fact, Shopa (fashion website) identified the fact that not only is the #Chelfie trend growing steadily but women need on average three ‘likes’ from their friends before buying an item – men hold out for four!

Pollpic is currently available free for iPhone and Android phones in the Appstore and Playstore. Of course, it can be used to get an opinion on anything – not just which jeans to buy – and is already also proving popular with sports and music fans.

Find out more at www.pollpic.com

For media requests please contact firgas@raw-material.co.uk

*Ref: http://www.thesundaytimes.co.uk/sto/news/uk_news/Society/article1594329.ece


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