Beautiful Jewellery on show at The Elite London 2015

Sally Agarwal and D’Joya were amongst the designers on show at the exclusive luxury lifestyle event The Elite London 2015.

Now in its second year and taking place at Biggin Hill airport, The Elite London is a platform for luxury brands to trade, network and showcase their designs.

Sally Agarwal

Sally Agarwal’s jewellery is meticulously handcrafted from 18-carat yellow gold and sumptuous coloured gemstones to showcase Polki diamonds. These natural diamonds are mined from the earth, and have been prized in their uncut form for centuries. Sally Agarwal Fine Jewellery brings new life to Polki. Her one-off designs capture the graphic beauty, characterful depth and opulent glow of superior Polki diamonds with inimitable flair and opulent modernity.Sally exhibited a selection from her Polki collection.

D’Joya exhibited their ‘Heirlooms’ Collection.

From the very beginning D’Joya’s exquisite miniature sculptures have been lead first by the story, the provenance and the setting. Behind each intricate creation is a wonderful tale inspired by subjects such as the timelessness of nature and love, or simply art itself. The enchanted D’Joya enthusiast is drawn in by this narrative and is connected personally, forming an immediate circle of trust between the client and the brand, a bond which will be passed on from generation to generation of family members as a wearable heirloom.

The pieces themselves are created by hand via D’Joya’s team of highly skilled craftsman, using time-honoured techniques and utilizing the very highest quality gems and stones that ultimately embody the very best in design, composition & cut. From the front of the piece to the back, every milometer is considered, in fact the back can often be so wonderfully crafted that the wearer will almost treat it like their best kept secret.

Each collectable item from D’Joya provides a ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity. Being such an exquisite art form no two pieces are the same, so the philosophy of the client must be – if you see, you fall in love with it and cannot imagine life without it then you must grasp the opportunity there and then as once it is gone, it is gone forever. This is way of working entirely surpasses the unique. These pieces are not numbered they are simply one off.



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