Festival Recovery @SugarShackLDN at @JackdawandStar

Glastonbury, Bestival, Reading,V, Standon Calling, Eastern Electrics, Shambala- Festival season is upon us once again!
Yay we hear you cry! Music, party, sex, drugs and rock and roll is in the very air we breathe! We leave our homes all bright eyed and bushy tailed eager to partake of the aforementioned yay fun with our fellow festival warriors and invariably we return happy , but broken and weak.
Sugarshack & The Jackdaw and Star have the perfect solution…ALL summer Sugar Shack are offering 20% of ALL FOOD AND DRINK for an entire two weeks after you return from your chosen festival – All you need is your ticket stub or wristband and we’ll feed you beautiful things, pour you gorgeous drinks and in the most serious cases speak gently to you and stroke your poor fevered brow… It’s the next best thing to going home to see your mum!
Festival Recovery at The Jackdaw and Star 
sugar plate 2 sugarshack orange jerk

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