Mees Dierdorp Interview

Mees spoke to Music News after his first UK show at Kachette last week. Read in full here

Mees Dierdorp 2

Music News: As your first London show at Kachette, what did you think of the crowd/how did your set go down?
Mees Dierdorp: Everything about my first show was near perfection: The crowd was amazing! At first me and the organization were pretty nervous: It was my first gig in London and I was headlining also, did people really knew to find me and get out of their comfort zone to step into a new world with me? But the people that came to the sold-out show, the smiles and vibes I got when I was playing, the whole production of SOLO, all far beyond imagination. I will remember this night for decades to come for sure: I started off very slow and deep and then built up… but the souls in front of me really took to it so well and had the openness and energy to really explore depths as well as peaks with me, such patience and focus and fun…, truly, amazing.

Music News: How does playing London compare to playing at home in Amsterdam?
Mees Dierdorp: It feels a bit too early to compare I must say… I’ve been playing in Amsterdam for a while and only once in London. What I experienced though is people were very diverse and open minded at my London-gig, I can say this about the people who came to the show in Kachette, but I can’t generalize of course. In Amsterdam I had some amazing experiences with friends and big productions as well: Shoeless, Thuishaven. Pleinvrees, Strafwerk, even the smaller venues and parties can bring a lot of lights and insights. All memorable for sure, but what happened in Kachette was just pure magic…

Mees show at Kachette

Mees show at Kachette


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