If you only download one book, make it ‘Spinning Out of Control’ a debut novel by Christopher Beanland…


If you worked in the media in 2008,  were sacked from a media job in 2008 or just hung out in the pub in 2008 with either of the forementioned then you should read this book.

The story of one PR’s struggle to hype a tramp from the streets of Birmingham to superstar status in order to win back his agency job and the heart of his former uni flame – peppered with dispicable characters, ridonculous experiential stunts, p*ss stained pants, lunchtime drinking, Brummies, trustafarians, carrot cake, love songs and… well, just read it!

Author Chris Beanland is better know as a journo, writing about buildings for the Indy and funny things for the Huff Post.

Of the book he says: There didn’t seem to be a really good, recent satire of the media – something coruscating like ‘Kill Your Friends’ or even ‘Nathan Barley’ or ‘Brass Eye’, and I thought it’s such a ridiculous world it deserved to be torn to shreds. Especially the world of PR- ha ha – I guess I wanted to shine a light on that, especially as it’s so strange and hidden. I guess I also wanted to write about ‘now’. Write a really funny book about what normal life is like in contemporary(ish) Britain…

Spinning Out of Control is available on Amazon here

REVIEW REQUESTS: want to review this book? Drop us a line via Raw News


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