Ten Minutes with… Heist and Pleasure (@jimheist @djpleasurednb)

Upfront of their ‘freedon EP’ released later this month on Playaz we caught up with DJs Heist and Pleasure for a chat…

what’s it like working together?

Heist: Ive done quite a few Colabs with people over the years, but working with pleasure is always good. We’ve actually made quite a few tracks together now and I think we take on each others views well in regard to direction and progression which I think is important. Colabs cant be one sided, if they are gonna work in my opinion. You have to take on the points and views of the person your working with for it to really work and be a real colab.
Pleasure: Working with Jim was a pleasure(no pun intended), when discussing what direction to take tracks in we very rarely disagreed and most of the time was on the same flow. We done quite a few now so watch this space!
Heist, we know you’re a retro game buff, you were only allowed to play one of your retro games in 2014, which would it be?
Heist: Thats a tough question but it would probably be Captain Commando
You’ve been playing out all over the world lately, which clubs have had the best vibes?
Heist: For me, Id have to say that the Low down deep sound clash at Indigo O2 in London is up there as one of the best. Also played in Christchurch, New Zealand for Bassfreaks last year and that was going off crazy too.
Pleasure: You’d expect me to say somewhere far off abroad but for me it was the last Breakin Science at Coronet, the vibes pouring out of that place were immense and I felt really proud that this was all taking place in the UK capital! Also did Berlin a few weeks back and I have to say them guys know how to have it.
Pleasure, what was the best thing about hosting your radio show?
Pleasure: (I haven’t done radio for about 4 years now) Its good connecting with the listeners and be able to play a wide range of DnB were as most of the parties I get booked at of late i have to stick to one style.
what’s up next for the both of you?
Heist: Ive been working on another EP with Pleasure which will be coming out on Low Down Deep later in the year. I also have a 10 years of Co-Lab (my record label) Album coming out this summer featuring various artists from the likes of Majistrate, Pleasure, Harvest, Voltage, flaco and myself. I’m also working on an EP for Metalheadz too.
Pleasure: Jim and myself have an EP forthcoming on Low Down Deep, I have an EP scheduled on my own label featuring a track from myself, Origin, Yatz and a soon to be completed rmx from Majistrate and then also a follow up track on the next Flavour’s EP on Playaz.
Pre-order the EP from the Playaz store now: http://playaz.co.uk/store/heist-pleasure-freedom-ep/







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