Cycling Croatia – Dalmatia Tour – 25th to 31st May

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Full itinerary

According to many, Dalmatia is one of the most beautiful Croatian regions, distinguished by magical long beaches, crystal clear sea, iconically beautiful nature and rich cultural heritage. With 1.778 km of coastline and 1.185 offshore islands, the Dalmatian coast is one of the true wonders of Europe. Dalmatia is said to have the clearest waters in the Mediterranean, and since it is undoubtedly packed with historic and cultural interest, cycling through its islands becomes a unique experience.
In one week of the journey, starting from Split, through some of the most beautiful islands to the “Pearl of the Adriatic”, the city of Cubrovnik, you will have the opportunity to experience a blend of nature and heritage and work and pleasure, something the Dalmatians are extremely proud of. Rich cultural heritage of many civilisations that had walked in these regions is visible in each and very step, in many churches, cathedrals, old ruins, monuments as well as in ordinary buildings.
Starting from Split, the second largest city in Croatia and economic, administrative, educational, sport and tourist centre of Middle Dalmatia on our road to the “Pearl of the Adriatic” Dubrovnik, our journey takes place on the diverse and charming islands of Hvar, Brač, Korčula and the peninsula Pelješac, travelling by bike and ferry. While travelling on the islands you will feel the charm of this specific Mediterranean culture and the ways of living that are marked by both the natural beauties and the people – kind and relaxed, always ready to host everyone and to treat the travellers with many specialties of the Meditteranean cuisine based on freshly caught fish and olive oil as well as on top-quality red wines.
The scenery on our tour alternates between the seaside villages, tiny medieval walled towns and lovely quiet pebble bays, set against a backdrop of pine forests and mountains. During the trip you will visit many hidden locations, impossible to be found by a common tourist, and by conversing with the locals you will learn of the ways of building stone houses and fish ports, when is it best to sail out to fishing and what is necessary to produce top-quality wine and golden-green olive oil.
Our final leg takes us to the red roofs of Dubrovnik, the proud port that once rivalled Venice in wealth and influence. We will stay in Dubrovnik for two nights so that you have enough time to feel the atmosphere of one of the most beautiful cities in the world, to meet the locals, have coffee at Stradun, swim in the crystal blue sea and find out why did precisely Dubrovnik get spot in the world known series Game of Thrones.
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