Ten Minutes with… @TykeMusic

We caught up with Playaz upstart Tyke as he releases his latest EP ‘Closed In’ on the label feat collaborations with Alex Prestige. You’ll be able to pre-order the EP soon from the Playaz Store on http://playaz.co.uk/

  • How did the collaboration with Prestige come about and what’s it like working with him?
TYKE: Well me and Alex have been working together for a good few years now, i think its coming up to four. I enjoy working with him as we bounce off each other pretty well and i think our ‘track’ record together speaks for itself, most of my best work has been alongside him. Us living in different countries may also hep us as we can work in our own time and space – all be it together. He is extremely talented in my opinion and its a breath of fresh air working along side someone that shares the same views and opinions on music as yourself and i think thats why we work so well together.
  • self confessed analogue junkie, what’s the most expensive piece of kit you’ve bought recently?
TYKE: Im not a big fan of letting people know exactly what ive got at home! I bought a valve compressor a few months back which is worth nearly £4,000 and featured on all my ep tracks, but saying that so did a dusty old compressor of mine worth about £300 and that still sounds just as lovely! It is true I’m an analogue junkie, i love the character that every piece of equipment gives, as though they have a story themselves they want telling in the music.
  • You began as a graffiti artist, what’s the last thing you tagged?
TYKE: I used to enjoy graffing, i think as a youngster i had a lot of energy and demanded a lot of attention and graffiti gave me that opportunity whilst at the same time learning to be creative. The last thing i graffed if i remember rightly was a memorial In Kentish Town for a friend of mine who passed, this was around 10 years ago, time flies! But i still draw now and then when im waiting around and theres a pen an paper handy, its just a natural reaction!
  • Who are you listening to at the moment?
TYKE: I dont really listen to much dnb at home but saying that – Potential Badboy, the guy has been in the game for so long and there isn’t many who have continued to release such great soulful music over a lengthy period. His new tracks have really been a breath of fresh air for me, some wicked vibes on them and shows that these days some drums and rolling bass line is all you need to achieve true dnb vibes!

  • And finally, how did you get on with your Theory Test…?
TYKE: Hahahah, someone’s been keeping up to date with my tweets! I passed 49/50 and on the hazard perception 50/75! Considering i am the most un-studious person and loaded an app on my phone to practice on just 48 hours prior.. I think its pretty good going! Im really just happy that i didn’t have to spend another thirty quid on another!

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