The Imaginarium takes over The Bear Gallery for December…

From next week Village Underground and Secret Productions host The Imaginarium – in the Village Underground warehouse and also The Great Eastern Bear Gallery.  Details below:

Petersham Playhouse; Secret Productions, who brought you Secret Garden Party and Wilderness Festival; and Village Underground, London’s hottest venue.

This festive season, leave your preconceived ideas of the traditional Christmas party behind and open your mind to The Imaginarium – the latest and most captivating immersive Christmas experience to enchant and enthrall your colleagues and clients. The Imaginarium will deliver a unique evening of magnificent performances, exquisite cuisine and late-night dancing.

Inspired by the film ‘The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus’, guests will be taken on a journey into parallel universes that will explore their imaginations; from a tropical rooftop jungle to a lavish Belle Époque brothel featuring Toulouse Lautrec and Claude Debussy on the piano. Expect to encounter strange and bizarre characters along the way – from trapeze artists to sword fighters, London’s very finest can-can dancers to astronauts. In a world distant from your office desk, be prepared for anything and anyone.

On your wondrous trip, a sumptuous feast unfolds. Proudly provided by special guest chefs from Urban Caprice of Caprice Holdings (the restaurant group behind London’s exclusive The Ivy, Le Caprice, J Sheekey & Scott’s), expect taste buds to be tantalised with a theatrically tailored menu to enhance your experience.

To re-fuel your imagination, take to the dance-floor and trip the light fantastic with the roller girls at the Disco Riot and sip on delectable drinks at the complimentary bar before you are sent off into the night.

Want to  book an Imaginarium party? Contact the team on 020 7422 7505

Want to host an event of your own at The Great Eastern Bear in January/Feb 2014? Email


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