Designer Patrick Hellmann talks about his inspirations…


Menswear Designer and Berliner Patrick Hellmann does things differently. He creates menswear that treads the thin line       between being classic and elegant – yet different enough to  provide that highly sought after individuality, whilst pushing the boundaries of luxury fabric, creating exquisitely tailored clothes. Men’s Health called him ‘Germany‘s answer to Tom Ford‘  and – in a continual display of boundary pushing – the brand has recently collaborated with Lalique to create some incredible homeware pieces (and a fragrance) and also with Audi to create the limited edition Q7, with skull and crossbones and crocodile skin detail.


What inspires you?


PH: The elegance, the style, the refinement, the attitude – these are the inspiring fortes of my creative, empty side.


The ambience of a place, the soft touch of some objects or materials having a rich soul – full of life and potential.


What’s your typical style?


PH:I love to bring back vivid details from my numerous journeys, so that I can process them to create something…


To turn them into the essentials of the “Art deco” and to redesign them for the present times, for a comfort and functionality that are indisputable.


What makes a great  designer?


PH:The great  master-tailors with their savoir faire “Maison”, the precision of  a stitch, the subtle, hidden interlining of a suit – everything  that transfers the magic of the fingers onto a piece of clothing   is the mark of a great designer.And when designing for  women, the stress is always on their sex appeal.


Sublime forms can appear in marvellous ways; “Alaia or Halston” have their own way of  re-inventing the “look of the moment”.


What made you become a designer?


PH:It is my love for my work and the dream of creating something that have spurred  me on to becoming a designer.


Violet is my colour;   deep like the gardens of “La Mamounia” of my childhood. One can often see it as an anchor point in my collections.


In my endeavour to achieve elegance lies the strength to turn my ambition into success.


What does the PHC label represent?


PH:The “Patrick  Hellmann” label represents a culture where the savoir faire of  tailoring and architecture is passed on within the family. It is a must to satisfy the customer’s requirements even in the smallest  of details – til absolute sophistication is achieved.


What’s next for you?


PH:2014 will be a  particularly evolutionary year, focussing on the development of     a product line for women. The men’s collection would showcase  innovations that promise to be swank and comfortable.

 Find out more at or if you would like to arrange a media visit   to the London store at 54 St. James’s Street, St. James’s London, SW1A 1JT please get in touch. We can show you the current collection over a cocktail or two at the instore bar.

To download/view the Patrick Hellmann lifestyle brochure click here


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