Terraneo is up for TWO awards at the European Festival Awards – show your support #vote @terraneofest

Croatia‘s incredible Terraneo Festival is nominated for Best Mid Size Festival and also Best Green Operations Award in this year’s European Festival Awards.

Vote here http://euvoting.festivalawards.com – there’s only a few days left…

Holger Jan Schmidt, coordinator of the Green Operations Award, said: What I learned in the first three years of its existence of the GO Group is that the festival scene is the leader of the green movement in Europe. Every day we are faced with new actions, initiatives and events with great ideas that can be achieved with a lot of effort. It gives us great pleasure to introduce the festivals nominated for this award, though, to be completely honest, I cannot reward the greenest festival in Europe. All festivals are different by size, they are held in different locations, in front of different audiences, and they have their own philosophies and history. What we need to do is to acknowledge and reward them for outstanding effort, innovation and progress. The very fact that we have a choice of 18 festivals and this is only the second year that this award is presented is a success in itself. There are so many wonderful festivals with impressive initiatives that are nominated that I can only applaud them – they are already winners. “


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