Awake at Lightbox this Sunday

Line-up /

Alex Arnout Alex Cellar Dirty Flithy Soul & Ben Cain

Promoter /

Fire In Session, Awake

After a short break over the summer months the capitals fastest growing Sunday night event returns on the 29th September with guest djs Alex Arnout (Dogmatik/One records) and Alex Celler (Tuning Spork/Brouqade/Cecille) We are very much looking forward to welcoming back both these guys who have been two of our favourite  guest  djs since  we started back in December of 2011. As most of London’s more clued up clubbers  will no doubt be well aware, our previous home for our famous Sunday night raves at Cable was sadly closed down earlier in the year due to national rail selfishly claiming  back the land the club leased off them  for station and  network rail developments.
However as long as we are Awake naturally things  must keep moving forward so  we are happy to announce  we have found an equally legendary spot to host our shenanigans and  so on the 29th September all roads will lead to  Lightbox in vaxhaul.  With a killer sound system and a unique state of the art lighting system  we are sure that the awake faithful are going to  fit right in.  As always supporting our special guests on the night we have the notorious awake residents Dirty Filthy Soul and Ben Cain onboard  to ensure the party doesn’t stop until the early hours of Monday morning when most  ‘normal’ people are on their way to work 😉
Anybody  who has already been to an awake event you know what to expect, but for anyone else you really need to wake up and make the effort on a Sunday night if you like to be surrounded by like minded music lovers. We will have a very strict door policy on  the night to ensure the vibe on the dance floor stays positively bouncing so if you have the right attitude we will see you inside lightbox on the 29th always the only dress code is a smile and your best dancing shoes.

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