Annix album out on Playaz Oct 14th… an album of serious club bangers for dnb lovers!

This is not an artist album, it’s a showcase of Annix group and solo (Konichi & Decimal Bass) talents and an intro to them as they join the legendary Playax roster. Possible solo albums coming next year but their work is so prolific it us unlikely that they will release these tracks as singles.

Definitely killer. Definitely floorfillers. Definitely not one to miss for dnb heads.


1: Annix ‘Inception

2: Konichi ‘Silent E’

3: Decimal Bass ‘Dronezone’

4: Konichi ‘Field of Vibrations’

5: Konichi ‘Blood’

6: Annix ‘Out the Pack’

7: Decimal Bass ‘XTC

8: Annix ‘Hectic’

9: Annix ‘Snapstop’

10: Decimal Bass ‘Unwritten Rules’

11: Konichi ‘Machine & Key’

12: Decimal Bass ‘Without You’

13: Konichi ‘Hotrocks’

14: Decimal Bass ‘Only One’

15: Annix ‘Gold Chains’


To hear the upfront press promo stream get in touch with

Annix are available for interviews, guest mixes etc



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