Leo the Lion declares his love for Nicole Scherzinger with an art exhibition – 7th August

leo4 LEO4_001_33

Leo Ihenacho, dubbed ‘Leo the Lion‘ by Mike Skinner during his time in The Streets asked his fans to help him chat up X Factor judge Nicole Scherzinger via Twitter.

‘Hey guys… I fancy this bird called Nicole Scherzinger, she’s currently single but I just can’t seem to get her attention to ask her out, I’ve tweeted her and even sent her a picture of my dog Ganxstar, but she is having none of it…!!

My game is seriously being tested now…and I Literally will do Anything for a date…’

Hundreds of tweets with the hashtag #PullScherzy4Leo volunteered chat up lines to try and woo Ms Scherzinger, ranging from ‘do you like turnip, cos I’ll turn up at your house for a date’ to ‘I’ll take you back to Hawaii and serenade you under a coconut tree‘.

Leo was so touched by the enthusiasm of his fans that he announced today that he will be exhibiting the tweets in Shoreditch art gallery The Great Eastern Bear this Wednesday night (7th August) and they will remain on show for two weeks afterwards.

‘There were some great tweets,’ Leo told Music News ‘, really made me laugh. Sadly the ice maiden didn’t respond – yet – but I do really fancy this girl so am gonna keep trying. Hopefully the art show will raise the stakes a bit and it’s my way of thanking my fans too…’

The exhibition, which is free to the public to view, kicks off with a drinks reception and live acoustic performance from Leo.

Venue: The Great Eastern Bear Gallery, 8a Great Eastern St, Shoreditch EC2A 3NT

Drinks free from 6.30pm – 9pm

Entry free: RSVP info at http://www.thelionraw.com/ and http://www.greateasternbear.com

Leo headlines the O2 Islington on 25th Sept 2013.


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