Get your tickets now for the @Realplayaz Carnival Party at Fabric – 23rd August

Tickets from

August means a few things here in London: the notion of an actual, tangible summer, carnival and, yes, the Playaz Carnival Special. Whenever DJ Hype and Pascal’s Playaz brand takes over the full club they bring a clear-cut kind of enthusiasm and energy for drum & bass music that it’s hard to find anywhere else and this year is no exception.

Room One houses special guests Exit Records boss, dBridge and Ed Rush alongside Playaz’s boss team and family members Hazard, Original Sin, Taxman and Annix whilst Room Two opens up for sets from DJs across the spectrum of d&b with Digital Soundboy boss Shy FX topping a bill that also features Dubphizix and Strategy, Nicky Blackmarket and Wookie alongside Sub Zero, Tyke, Potential Badboy and Mach4.

Room Three looks set to push the space’s capacity even further with sets from Soul:R boss, Marcus Intalex, Shogun’s album artist, Alix Perez, Lynx, Zero T and Shimah.


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