Highlights from the @Soundplate #greatvinydebate

If you missed the live stream you can watch it all back at http://debate.soundplate.com/


Big thanks to the amazing panel: Clive Morgan, Mick Wilson, Peter Adediran, Sonny Wharton, James Lavelle, Fraser Rey Scott, Funk Butcher and Uncle Dugs

and to everyone who contributed to the video clips on the microsite, especially Hype, Pioneer kit, DJ Pioneer, Guy Gerber, Loose Cannons, Ralph Good, Squatters, Urban Nerds Leo the Lion, Mother London and Riffioso

We had some great twitter responses too – and the debate is still raging via tweets! Have your say #Vinylrespect or #RIPvinyl

debate tweets tweets from debate

Soundplate-IMG_8835Debate Soundplate-IMG_8847Debate Soundplate-IMG_8849Debate Soundplate-IMG_8856Debate Soundplate-IMG_8932Debate Soundplate-IMG_9008Debate Soundplate-IMG_9029Debate Soundplate-IMG_9052Debate Soundplate-IMG_9081Debate

Big thanks to sponsors and friends too: Google Campus, Desperados,  Breo, 47 Brand, Native Union, Epson, Stand Eazy, SLK Associates, Skint Records, Mo’Wax, Korg, VitaCoco and George at Canoe


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