Funk Butcher joins The Great Vinyl Debate

the next member of the panel to be announced… Funk Butcher

East London based DJ/Producer and Houseology label head, Kwame Safo a.k.a Funk Butcher has aimed to create a bridge between the inner-city London sound and a wider audience promoting a style of play and sound characteristic of young black London’s house dance floors. Through Funk Butcher’s Houseology imprint and radio show on Rinse FM, Funk has championed groove centric music, whether it be Garage, UKFunky and of recent times Deep House. The most recent chapter of Funk Butcher and Houseology’s life has seen the label take on a new dynamism, helped also with the label’s rebranding. House releases by Jamal Banton (Banton) and DJ Kismet in 2012 helped set a good impression of the labels new musical direction. Funk continues to strive to make sure the real underground scene is represented without compromising the forward thinking essence that is Houseology || @FunkButcher



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