James Lavelle (UNKLE) announced for #GreatVinylDebate … and check out #mowax21 Kickstarter campaign too

The epic James Lavelle is the next panel member of Soundplate’s Great Vinyl Debate to be announced… Follow http://debate.soundplate.com/ for daily updates and more video content and join the debate on 12/7

James Lavelle [UNKLE]

JLPRESSPIC21 years ago a teenage DJ and club promoter from Oxford called James Lavelle started the seminal record label Mo’Wax, unearthing some of the most revolutionary artists in the World; including UNKLE, DJ Shadow and DJ Krush.

‘It was like I’d been given the keys to an F1 McLaren without ever having a driving license…’ says James. As well as their far-reaching musical impact, Mo’Wax’s artistic identity was crucial, and Ben Drury, the Head Designer of the label, designed over 400 record covers during his tenure. The label’s presence was strongly felt within the worlds of fashion and art. After numerous releases that helped redefine the face of British music and street culture, Lavelle finally walked away from Mo’Wax in 2002.

Mo’Wax is hoping to stage an exhibition entitled ‘Urban Archaeology’ which will celebrate the achievements of the legendary label and its artists, including never before seen artwork, proofs, paintings, toys and clothing, as well as personal notes and other memorabilia – documenting the phenomenal advances taking place in youth culture during the nineties. The event will also coincide with a 21 year anniversary book published by Rizzoli, and the re-release of Mo’Wax’s ground breaking UNKLE album, ‘Psyence Fiction’. They are looking for kickstarter funding for this amazing project and need your support. Find out more here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mowax21/urban-archaeology-21-years-of-mowax


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