Gatsby-up your gaff: Linda Plant tells us how…

Linda Plant shot by Rich Hendry

The Great Gatsby may not have had the critics raving, but there is one thing everyone can agree on; it is a stunning film to watch. The fashion is flapping, the art is deco and the interiors are awe inspiring. But how can you get your house Gatsby chic without a Hollywood budget?

High end interior designer to the stars Linda Plant is on hand to help. Linda has designed the houses of some of Hollywood’s elite and international royalty and her little black book is a closely guarded secret. Linda is a big fan of the 1920s and here she gives some tips on how you can achieve the much desired effect without having to break the bank.

Mirrors:  The bigger the better. They can give the illusion of size if placed on a well lit wall, creating a seemingly very large space. They can also be used on a feature wall as a statement piece.  I have used large mirrors that are beautifully decorated to fill a space. The 1920s were all about embellishment, so find one with an intricate border.

Flea markets: The ones in Paris are where I get a lot of inspiration from. You can find some one-off pieces and vintage ones. I picked up a set of beautiful art deco champagne bowls that I have on display. The Great Gatsby was all about showing off you wares and the glasses always get plenty of compliments. There are some great flea markets in London and it is just a matter of spending the day and having a good hunt about (and not being afraid to haggle!).

Lighting: Chandeliers were the choice of the wealthy and you can pick up some fabulous ones for not much money. Many high street stores do them, but if you want a vintage one, try some antique markets. I found a stunning one that I got restored and it adds a touch of softness to a room as well as being beautiful to look at. Daisy Buchannan would love it!

Rugs: The flooring in Gatsby would be polished wood or high contrast vinyl tiles, such as black and white squares, but unless you are looking to re-do what you already have a rug is a fabulous compromise. If you have the space, a large circular one in the centre of a room can make a big impact, or if not then chose one that has a geometric pattern in contrasting colours. It will cause quite a splash!

Accessories: Minimalist but with big impact was the motto of the day. Think Bakelite telephones in the hall and vases of peacock or ostrich feathers on a window sill. I found a Bakelite phone on eBay for not much money at all and it looks just fantastic on the circular oak table next to a soft lamp.

Linda runs Homerun Services and always likes to mix the classical with the contemporary – just like Baz Luhrmann!

Notes to editors: For interviews or more information contact – Erin McKee (, 075319 72744) or Caitlin Hayward (, 07791 617 101).

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