TheyFit condoms present… The Scrotector!


258% More Coverage Than  Regular Condoms

Got the Balls?

An evolution in condoms and safe sex launches   this month with the Scrotector – the world’s first condom to         cover the sheath and scrotum during intercourse – giving         ultimate protection.

Created by Theyfit, who specialise in   producing 95 sizes of condom, the sculpted ultra thin and ultra         strong latex sheath covers the whole male genital area ensuring         that the condom remains in place during intercourse. The pouch,         called a ScroPro, means that latex-to-skin coverage is         increased by 258% versus a         regular condom.  Further         more, the risk of “spillage” upon withdrawal is minimised.

The arrival of Scrotector has been heralded   by sexual health and pregnancy planning experts alike as it         addresses two growing concerns.

Flora Ipol from the Centre of Scrotal   Medicine commented, “The scrotal area is vulnerable to many   sexual transmitted diseases which are worryingly on the   increase.  The   incidence of Tikkell Metesticales is actually increasing in the UK and until now we haven’t been able to stop the spread, only  cure the condition.  Scrotector  gives us the perfect tool to combat this and other scrotally   transmitted diseases.”

Dr Alf Poliasoy from the Seminal Institute  points to the value of avoiding fluid spillage, “Removing a   condom after sex is when a lot of men make mistakes and fluids   are released which can lead to pregnancy. The Scrotector’s   unique design ensures that the whole area is covered and the man         can safely remove the condom without risk.”

Scrotector comes in 6 sizes to fit all    scrotal sizes from egg to melon. To get your hands on the new   Scrotector go to  £9.99 for six


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