Nutrition Guru Chris Bates talks about how to keep colds at bay

It might be March but Spring seems like nothing more than a pipe dream. And it’s a constant cycle of coughs, snuffles and sitting next to someone with a foghorn for a nose on the tube.

Chris Bates – whose nutrition courses are gaining him something of a cult followng with hectic/stressed out Londoners – suggests that you could be healing yourself through food and a bit of introversion.

Sounds better than a Vicks inhaler to us, Chris – tell us more…

1. Drink plenty of pure, clean water. The formation of mucous and phlegm in the lungs can be linked to an energy block through the meridian channels. Drinking lots of water will aid the kidneys to help get rid of the toxins and excess mucous build up. Add 1/2 a squeeze lemon to lower acidity, squeezed ginger juice to help the kidneys and a pinch on himilayan sea salt to boost electrolytes and help with breathing.
2. Listen to your body and don’t overdo it. Resting is an extremely efficient way to get over a cold and allows the body to rebuild the natural defenses again. Spreding the cold at work will not be appreciated so stay a home, have some hot baths with epsom salts to aid the natural detoxification process
3. As most of the immune system can be found in the gut, a probiotic is absolutely essential to get you back to health again. These little soldiers help to bring balance back to the gut and should be part of the daily routine regardless of illness.
4. Replenish levels of zinc, magnesium, vitamin C and vitamin D3. If a cold has struck you down all of these vital nutrients will be supressed so it will help you boost your immune system to include these in your cold fighting plan. Taking an amino acid called L-glutamine is also extremley effective for the immune system and for repairing the gut.
5. Reflect. A cold is a feedback to show you where your imbalances are in life. Perhaps you are working too hard or not looking after your health and nutrition and the cold is giving you a chance to create a new mental meaning from some stress, excess or neglect in your life. Use the time to reflect on the different areas of you life and what the hidden mesages are.
Chris is available for interviews and can do taster sessions of his course ‘Nourished’ for media. Contact for more info and also check out

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