Interview with Lynx

DnB supremo Lynx talks about his new EP – out on the RealPlayaz label – pre order here:

RM: what have you been up to recently?

I have been spending alot of time in the studio writing my 3rd album/ Its a collaborative album with vocalist Naomi Pryor, who feature on the last detail release ‘locked on the low’. The album is quite a departure from my usual deep dnb sound. The album has a very wide scope. The few poeple i have played tracks to have described it as Magnetic Man meets The XX. There are moments that are akin to James Blake, Jai Paul, Aluna George & Disclosure. Theres all sorts of styles of electronic music in there. But all with a strong songwriting backbone to it. theres no doubt this is a song based..Im biased but what i have so far seems like nothing short of a hit album! Its hard to say yet wether i will go under ‘Lynx’ for the album as its such a departure from what people expect from me.

i have  just completed my second sample pack for loopmasters. it will be called eclectic drum & bass volume 2. theres loads of great beats, basses and sounds in there. some that will be farmiliar with my released tracks, and loads of fresh original material for producers to mess about with.
Ive just signed a second single to US based Warm Communications. The two tracks are called therapy and feelin me. its a bit of a monster single actually. think alot of people will be dropping this in clubs over the coming months.
i have the next 3 detail releases penciled in for release in April, May and June. The first single is a dubstep single. the a side is a collaboration with Footise from nuham generals, fats and dubstep producers seed. the b side is a remix of locked on the low by newcomers Zero One.
The following single is a collabration with uk hip hop legend dr syntax & his sidekick bobby esmond (who also features on bobby says on my playaz ep). the track is called buggin out. it doesnt take itself too seriously and is a nice quirky vocal tune that also goes down well in the clubs due to its bouncey nature.
the final detail single is goodbe lover featuring melbourne based vocalist, julia messenger. its a real nice liquid dnb track that has a bit of crossover appeal imo. will be a nice tune to start off the summer!
RM:tell us about the tracks on the EP?
The Midnight Funk playaz EP has been really fun to work on. I spoke with Hype last year about doing a single for playaz. He seemed quite shocked but also really happy that i awnted to write for the label. To me it was an interesting challenge to build an ep for a label that naturally releases quite different music to my own. It was cool finding common themes between my music and those of playaz.
The EP consists of 4 tunes. Midnight Funk, Bobby Says, Micro, I want you to remember & a free track gveaway called Vitamin Germ.
Midnight funk ihas a real infectious bouncey bassline with a catchy vocal sample. Will the members of the midnight funk association please rise!
Bobby Says has been smashing it in clubs for me. Its a bit of a homage to an old playaz release called H.M.P. Runnins. An old jungle track from 95. Ilove the rythym of the drums on this track and i had always wanted to do something with a similar step. This felt the perfect opportunity to do so. My track also features fellow producer Hellrazor & vocals from hip hop lyricist, Bobby Esmond.
Micro is a great dj tool that would fit into many djs sets real well.Another collaboration with Hellrazor. Its been played alot by dBridge and had alot of people asking me about it at sun and bass last year when dBridge dropped it. seemed to create quite a stir, so im happy its on the EP.
I want You to Remeber was written a little while back and i thought it was a strong track. I only ever gave it to Marcus Intalex to play out, and it seemed to go down very well. I saw it get a rewind on a few occasions.
Im really pleased with the ep as a whole, for me its a nice dj tool ep thats good old fashioned dnb fun without getting taking itself too seriously but without going to silly to lose my core audience. its definitely got something for everyone in there.
RM: what tunes are you tipping right now?
The midnight funk EP on playaz 😉 lol To be honest, i really dont have my ear to the ground as much these days with other dnb artists. I guess im pretty wrapped up in what im doing. I suppose in a similar way to someone like Calibre. I do my thing and thats it. This method works best for my writing, if had my ear to the ground it would probably have an adverse effect on my writing.

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