March 20th is #HappyDay

The UN are celebrating the First International Day of Happiness on 20 March 2013, the first day of its kind offering the perfect opportunity to spread more happiness in our lives, and put happiness at the top of the news agenda.

They’ll be celebrating Happy Heroes – those who bring happiness to others’ lives. They can be anyone – a person, an organisation, or even a pet, who brings happiness into the lives of others. They are our everyday role models and our trusted champions, shining their light in unexpected places. They are our brightest and best beacons of hope, using their powers to lift us in dark times. We all know Happy Heroes, and it’s in all our power to be one ourselves

Whether it’s a loved one or a generous colleague, the cheerful person who sells you your morning coffee or the kind stranger at the station who offers you their seat, we all have Happy Heroes in our lives who bring us happiness, and we all have the power to be one ourselves. By shining a light in the dark places, or bringing a smile in the unexpected and everyday, Happy Heroes are a force for good in all our lives.

There are three ways you can bring happiness to others. ACT for #happyday Affirm the pledge to bring more happiness to the lives of others. Sign the pledge.

Celebrate your own Happy Heroes through the app, facebook or Twitter Take part in these activities on the UN International Day of Happiness.


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