‘Eat bones for great looking skin’ says nutrition guru Chris Bates…

Chris Bates is not your average nutrition guru. There are no faddy diets and no point counting – and what’s more, his courses benefit the mind as well as the body.

Proving hugely popular with media types and City workers, Chris teaches what to eat to be more creative, how to eat fats, how the body uses food – and much more besides.

Now, one of Chris’ top tips is to make yourself some broth from bones (yes, bones!) and to add a couple of eyeballs and fish heads to this stew also. According to Chris this broth is beneficial for everything from Crohn’s disease to diabetes – and it also plumps up your skin as though you’d been using a fancy collagen cream!

Still not convinced? Have a read of what Chris has to say about it…

Chris Bates

Not too long ago, you would be able to go to your local butcher and only buy meat on the bone, whole chickens and plenty of organ meats. The more modern meat cuts from butchers are filleted and boneless for convenience to the detriment of the nutritional deliverance to the body.

Let’s go back in time a few thousand years ago, when meat was consumed with the bones and the family or tribe, would have made every possible use of the resources they had including making a broth from the bones. When properly prepared using the finest quality ingredients, a bone broth is abundant in natural minerals, cartilage, marrow and electrolytes like calcium, magnesium and potassium that are essential for our human existence.

Bone broths, when make properly, also produce gelatin which is a jelly like substance that draws liquids towards it. Gelatin is extremely beneficial to the healing of some gut problems such as hyperacidity, colitis, leaky gut syndrome and Crohn’s disease and is beneficial in helping the body assimilate other protein foods consumed. It is also beneficial in treating anemia, diabetes and cancer and it greatly improves the skin. In fact I have worked with many people who have reported that their skin got dramatically better and made them look younger in the face after we included daily bone broth drinks, perhaps due to the high collagen and cartilage content.

If a person or a family is on a tight budget, then a good quality bone broth is a priceless investment that costs very little to produce a whole week’s worth.

It is said that fish stock (made from fish bones and the heads) contribute to virility and are healing to the thyroid gland with good levels of iodine and natural thyroid extract from the broth.

Another amazing benefit of bone broth is the immense flavour that it adds to meat dishes which is unbelievably satisfying, extremely tasty and easily digestible. However, do not buy shop bought stocks, stock cubes or gelatin as they are loaded with nasties. As with everything, if you don’t know what’s in it, bin it. These store bought products can contain MSG which is a naturally occurring product but is highly addictive and interferes with the neuromuscular system of the body. It is used in a lot of Chinese take away and restaurant foods, so it’s best to ask first if you choose this food.

Making bone broth is simple. You will need a stock pot or a slow cooker (same thing really), bones, joints, knuckles, carcasses, fish bones, fish heads, eyes (Yes eyeballs!), ears or even hoofs. Bones are a great start, but our ancestors would have used everything. Next add some water to cover the stock, some unfiltered apple cider vinegar (helps get the minerals out of the bones), a chopped onion, a chopped carrot, a chopped celery stick, a bay leaf, crushed parsley, ground peppercorns and some fresh thyme. Leave to cook slowly for 12-72 hours. Remove and discard the scum from the top and you will be left with an amazing clear broth that can now be used for multiple purposes.

Chris is available for interviews and also happy to give ‘taster sessions’ of his course Nourished in your office – contact Caitlin@raw-material.co.uk for more info


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