New EP from Playaz: Optiv & BTK ‘Drop The Funk’

Listen on soundcloud:

Download on iTunes:

Out: 25th Feb 2013

The Brit-turned-Swiss and Brazilian export heritage of this duo might sound diverse but collectively they bring together a history of colossal tunes for an impressive list of labels and they unite fans across Europe, South America and the rest of the world. Not to mention solid support from the likes of Friction, Ed Rush, Optical and co. Fusing sounds and bass and breakbeat production rhythms that make you get up and dance, the guys told KMag recently ‘We’re up early, it’s our job and we try to keep it serious and write beats on a daily basis.’ Clearly no slacking for these two then!

01: Slander 02: Drop the Funk 03: Get Dark 04: Hack & Slash

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NEWSFLASH There’s an awesome vid to go with this one too – check youtube from the 25th Feb.



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