New at the Great Eastern Bear: Benjamin Murphy ‘Innocence is a thing of which we know Nothing’


Benjamin Murphy is a maniacal artist who sits in his batcave and draws onto things with electrical tape. He also sneaks around whilst you are sleeping and draws on your property.
This is his SECOND SOLO SHOW, at the amazing Great Eastern Bear Gallery in Shoreditch, London.
(It used to be a brothel)

Expect crash-site salvagings, wayward daughters, and gratuitous amounts of nudity.

The show will be all new works, all created in the last month and a half, using only electrical tape. (and some supertopsecret new techniques)
Plus collabs with David Shillinglaw, Horror, and more to be announced later.


Strict censorship and human rights violations will be enforced. Sports and reality TV must not be discussed within the gallery. No children, no Borg.

This will not be an exhibition of pop-culture referenced, icon-worshiping banal uninspired insipid bullshit. For that, you must look elsewhere.


7th MARCH 2012.


Super banal.

“That Benjamin Murphy chick is a total dreamboat.” – Francesca Woodman.


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