About Face / Sense


Leading Independent Bristol retailer marks 25th Anniversary with brand new online store…

About Face / Sense are two pillars in the Clifton Village community, one more sharper / brighter & modern, selling bespoke kitsch furniture and eye catching / quirky products for the home (Sense) and the other a more traditional boutique full of warm feelings / high end ‘girly things’ / head turning handbags & wonderful accessories from Bracelets to Scarves – Candles to Piggy Banks!

Still after 25 years both Sense and About Face remain a somewhat of a secret up on the hill in Clifton. Gift wrapping a reputation of excellent customer service / attention to detail / original and diverse beautiful products – once you have visited the shops…they won’t be forgotten!

Taking the atmosphere / energy and warm feeling of About Face and the sleek / contemporary / bold  vibes of Sense and converting them into a digital on line store in no straight forward process but we feel we have finally achieved our goal and the website will allow the customer the same happy / straightforward / resourceful shopping experience as per being in one of our shops…aboutfaceonline.co.uk has been launched.

About Face Online : 22 Princess Victoria Street : Clifton Village : Bristol : BS8 4BU


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