Marc JB vs Jack Jackson “Make Those People Sway”

Remixes: Ghosts of Venice / Stuttering Munx / Dancefloor Outlaws / Disco Ballz

Early support from Erick Morillo, Sister Bliss (MOS radio), Andy Durrant (Capital FM), ERIK Machado, Alex P, Jay Kay, Dave Minns (So Called Scumbags),DJ MANNIX, Anna Kiss,David Noakes (Full Circle /Time 107.5), Eric Van Kleef….
Marc JB (of Bimbo Jones, Nightstylers, Kid Tricky, HMC and JBZ) DJ/Producer, seasoned song writer, multi instrumentalist, musical director and jazz pianist,. As one half of remixers/producers BIMBO JONES who’s remixes include Lady Gaga, Rhianna, Pink, Ke$ha, Kylie, Kelis, The Killers, and many more Marc JB is a highly decorated musician with over 70 #1s across the US and UK. So with this in mind we need the music to speak for itself and you are pretty much guaranteed to hear his mixes/tracks in most clubs and radio stations across the globe.
“Make Those People Sway” includes an original music sample from his grandfather Jack Jackson who was known as the ‘Grandfather of radio’. Jackson was the ‘original radio DJ’, back in the 60s he had a show with 10 million listeners. He invented the modern radio DJ style and was a pioneer in sampling, innovating ways to splice reel to reel tapes together to make new material. In his workshop he had draws of tape categorised into words and sounds, effectively creating the first sample bank. As a bandleader he was the equivalent of Pete Tong, playing with his orchestra at the big parties in hotels like the Dorchester and Savoy. Jackson’s career in entertainment spanned fifty years and he is recognised today in the Sony Radio Hall of Fame.
Marc’s Original mix pays homage to the original music written by Jackson back in the 50’s but opens up a whole new way to express his grandfather’s tune, This filled dance floors back in the day and you can be assured it will do the same today with its brilliantly infectious brass and bugles’ a classic 50’s swing vocals layered with chunks of stabbing brass and punchy drums it’s a perfect combination for today’s dancefloors.
Amazing set of remixes from Ghosts of Venice, Stuttering Munx, Disco Ballz, Dancefloor Outlaws…Check them out!


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