New at the Great Eastern Bear: [new] Futures by Chris Barrett – Private View 29th November

At present the Congress of China’s ruling Communist Party has began its once in a decade meeting to confirm its next leaders. The 7 or 9 chosen members of the Politburo will decided the direction in-which China shall take over the next 10 years. In the decade ahead the Chinese people and their new leadership will be tested by issue upon issue created from its rapid and unprecedented growth, which has made China the formidable world power it is today. In recent times it has become clear that the narrative which has governed China will no longer just be a political one but a social one. China is at a pivotal stage in its history where it must acclimatise to a new narrative, a narrative dependent on a new generation, a generation marked by a policy that has shaped the physical and mental dynamic of the country – that policy is the policy of birth planning, known to many as the ‘one-child policy.

[new]Futures is a photographic exhibition that touches upon an enduring exploration into the intended and unintended by-products and ramifications that the policy has been responsible for. In an ongoing dialogue between the photographer Chris Barrett, Chinese nationals and the world-at-large, an interesting visual perspective emerges in regards to the People’s Republic of China, it’s populous and the people amongst the population- something we are sure to learn more about in the near future.

Exhibition runs from the 30th November to the 9th December,  Private View 29th November, from 6.30pm. 

Please RSVP if attending the Private View.

The Great Eastern Bear Gallery
8A Great Eastern Street

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