Want to know how to remix a #1 hit? Ask Marc JB, he’s done 77 of them!

Marc JB is one half of remix-meisters Bimbo Jones and they’ve recently celebrated their 77th number one remix.

Marc decided to share his wisdom at ADE last week when he gave a seminar on how to remix. If you missed it, why not grab an interview with the man in person and pick up some tips?

Details from the event:

As a very successful remixer himself, British producer, DJ and multi instrumentalist Marc JB is the ultimate authority to tell you ‘how to remix from start to finish’. He has reworked tracks (as one half of Bimbo Jones) for class A celebrity artists, such as Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Pink, Ke$ha, Kelis and Katy Perry.

In this workshop Marc will show you how to make remix from scratch. He will show you step by step how to create a remix from start to finish using an acapella, soft synths and sample CDs, telling you the production secrets behind over 70 remixes and productions to #1 in the US and UK dance charts.
Marc JB will also show you how to prepare the project and set up a good template, how to prepare the acapella, produce the beats and how to add bass and synths from there. You will learn how he cuts up acapellas for effect and how he prepares a track for the dance floor by arranging it and how to use filters to build the break down. Mastering will also be discussed, followed by a Q&A session on the process of production and the remix industry.   ADE Next ADE Next is ADE’s platform for new talent offering a broad program featuring name producers, top DJs and other professionals such as managers and booking agents from around the globe, all eager to share their knowledge and experience. Taking place on Saturday 20 October, at the Felix Meritis, ADE Next offers a comprehensive program aimed at helping and informing aspiring musicians and future music industry professionals, featuring big-name talents, legendary producers and top DJs in a relaxed and informal setting


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