Neil Mendoza’s Ghostwriter comes to The Great Eastern Bear

Artist/Inventor Neil Mendoza’s ingenious installations – most of which warp the way we view modern technology – have previously been shown at the V&A, Museum of London and the front of the BBC building! Now he brings a new work to Shoreditch’s Great Eastern Bear gallery – exhibition opens on November 1st with a Private View and runs for two weeks.

Previous installations can be viewed at and include his twittering birds made from old mobile phones, his ‘Monkey Boxing’ spectacle whereby monkeys beat box when the viewer interacts with a screen and a virtual wind tunnel he created for Audi at Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Neil Mendoza talks about the works which will be on display at The Great Eastern Bear:

I Spy

This piece questions the role that all of the little gadgets we use from day to day play in our lives. Frequently, they are a form of escapism, used to avoid thinking and interacting by staring into the information space. Often they are being used as a tool to spy on us and gather data about our habits. For once, they are “consciously” staring back at us, moving and following viewers around.
A computer uses a Kinect 3D camera to track people’s locations and then sends them to the motors that control the orientations of the screens within the mobile.

Whether we realise it or not, the tools we use to communicate, from spoken word to email, affect the content and tone of what we say, as well as the context of how our messages are received. It’s as if the devices add their own personalities to our messages as we communicate through them.
The brain of the typewriter is an Arduino, it outputs the key triggers to a series of shift registers that then control solenoids using logic level MOSFETs. The carriage return is controlled using a motor that is engaged using another solenoid. The line feed is also controlled by a solenoid. There are three reed switches. Two to detect the start and end of the carriage return and one to detect the amount of ribbon remaining and swap the direction of the ribbon when necessary.

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