Too Many T’s Mixtape Launch Party – 19th October

We’re not sure if the name refers to over indulgence of cups of char, overstuffed closets or cloning the bloke off the A Team – but we do know this lot kick pony butt when it comes to freestylin and beat-box shizzle.

They’re doing an intimate gig at the Ritzy in Brixton this weekend to launch their mixtape – you can check it out on soundcloud here (watch out, it’s addictive!)

Line up:

Festival stalwart and dancefloor dust breaker guaranTeed to get the dead up and dancing. A seriously good fookin DJ!
“Mums Old Vinyl hits the nail on the head time and again. No matter the place or the crowd he gets the whole place dancing for epically long sets! We love him!” -Artful Badger (Secret Garden Party)

CARPETFACE (1 half of Carpetface & Audible1)
A hiphop extravaganza of live mc’ing, human beatboxing, percussion and DJ.
“Prince Paul smoking a crack pipe with Syd Barrett” – Jockey Slut Magazine
“Move over Kool Keith” – Time Out New York

MAGIC SAM, ‘The peoples magician’
A wonderfully talented card magician, sleight of hand artist and juggler with a personality the size of Texas. He can do magic proper good. With a comedy twist.


‘the uk’s answer to the Beastie Boys…’



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