“HALSNOY TALES” – Exhibition by Photographer Brijesh Patel at the Bear

Exhibition: 18th-28th October 2012

Private View : Thursday 18th October, 2012 (6-10 pm)

I felt the constant presence of the Viking heritage in the islander’s faces, the spell of the Northern light, the marks

of the rain and the wind constantly battering the land.

Lost in the vast fjords of southern Norway, the tiny island of Halsnoy is crisscrossed by slim roads and dirt tracks.

My mind was a mix of dream figures of the Norwegian folktales and of the recent images of the shooting tragedy

that had taken place on the island of Utoeya.

All of this resonates in my “Haslnoy Tales”.

“Halsnoy Tales” was created in September 2011 during an artist residency on the island of Halsnoy, Norway.

Brijesh Patel is a London-based fine art photographer. Since graduating from London College of Communication,

Brijesh has been creating projects about the everyday life, in which portraiture; landscapes and daily observations

take the central stage. He has received awards that include the Winston Churchill Fellowship Award, The Joan

Wakelin Award from The Guardian / The Royal Photographic Society, The Light Works Residency, as well as

being nominated for the Prix Pictet 3.

More about the artist: http://www.parchai.com

To attend the Private View or for more infomation, get in touch via Raw News.

The Great Eastern Bear is at 8a Great Eastern St, EC2A 3NT




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