The Great Eastern Bear Gallery presents Legends, An Exhibition of Portraits by Rich Hendry

Private View: 2nd August 6-10pm

‘The inspiration for this collection of portraits comes from comic books,’ explains photographer Rich Hendry. ‘Comic books and superheroes in popular culture, heroes (from Greek Mythology, the Roman gods, worldwide folklore), through to kings & queens, fighters, superheroes, underdogs…The ‘character’ in each shot is unbranded as such, leaving the viewer to draw their own fantasy from each shot. The models used are a mixture of real people and professional models, chosen either for their look or just as importantly their stories.’

Hendry collaborated with Art Director and Stylist John Proctor on this project – whose previous clients have included Marie Claire, Wolsey and Barbour. ‘When I first approached John to style the project having seen some of his handmade headpieces on shoots it was apparent that he was more than just a stylist and he quickly assumed the role of Art Director as the ideas I was trying to express developed.’

The retouching for the exhibition was done by high end creative production studio Taylor James; renowned for photographic realism and attention to detail.

Hendry says ‘I was honoured to work with Taylor James as amongst photographers they are considered to be the best in the industry – I love the treatment they gave my work.’

Each image is available in a strictly limited edition of five.

Scottish born Rich Hendry has exhibited several times in London – including at Spitalfields pop up Sky Lounge Bar and as part of Mutate Britain’s ‘One Foot in the Grove’.

“Since winning his first commission he has travelled the world fulfilling his passion…”(Waterfront Magazine)

“Their power (or his portraits) lies in their simplicity” (Sideview Magazine)

“Something beautiful from the unexpected” (Vivo Magazine)

Rich Hendry and John Proctor would like to thank Taylor James, and a large selection of make-up artists, hairstylist and assistants who worked tirelessly over three weeks creating this exhibition. Credits: Direct Lighting, LHA Represents, Carol Hayes Creative Management, Zone Models, Elite Models, PHA Models.


For more information or to attend the Private View on 2nd August please contact Firgas Esack at Raw Material ( or Yvonne Jordan at The Great Eastern Bear Gallery (

Rich Hendry is available for interviews.

Notes to editors:

• Rich Hendry’s website is or follow him on Twitter @richhendryphoto

•              The Great Eastern Bear is at 8a Great Eastern St, Shoreditch EC2A 3NT and online at or twitter @bearsic. Nearest tube is Shoreditch High St.

•              More information about John Proctor can be found at


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