Nas joins the line up for Fresh Island

Fresh Island Festival is proud to announce that The King of NY, hip-hop icon, one of the greatest and most influential rappers in history Nasir JonesNas will open Fresh Island Festival with his performance on 5th of July at New Yorker Main Stage / Club Papaya!

Beggining with his classic debut Illmatic (1994), Nas stood tall for years as one of the New York City’s leading rap voices, outspokenly expressing a righteous, self-epowered swagger that endeared him to critics and hip-hop purists. Whether procaiming himself “Nasty Nas” or “Nas Escobar” or “Nastradamus” or “God’s Son“, the self-appointed King of New York is still today one of most outstanding and relevant voices in Hip Hop history and continues to bring classic material to the game.

Check out the full line up for this brand new Croatian hip hop festival here:

Tickets are still just £34 quid and flights are around £50 each way (Ryanair to Zadar)

You’ll find all the travel and tourist info you need at

If you like your rap pimped up and on a gorgeous beach, this is the festival for you. Sunglasses at night, fo shizzle.


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