Weekday Lunchtime Pizzas at Otto (and a new way to get your kids to eat greens!)

If the wee nippers overdid it on the choccy eggs this weekend, here’s a fun way to get 5 a day down ’em.

At Otto Pizza – the UK’s only cornmeal crust pizzeria – their slices are piled high with all sorts of crazy but delicious veg topping combos, ranging from cauliflower to sprouts to kale. Yes – you read that correctly: cauliflower on a pizza! Trust us tho, it’s so deliciously cheesed up your little ones will never notice – in fact, they may well be so busy playing with the toy camper vans and the eight balls that can also be found in the Notting Hill restaurant that they scoff a few helpings of Otto’s yummy salads too!

And even more of a bonus – Otto is now open on weekdays at lunchtime (as well as at weekends) so if you’re still on the Easter hols and looking for something to earn yourself the ‘supermum’ or ‘superdad’ tag – check out www.ottopizza.co.uk

Otto even make a pizza base without gluten – for sensitive tummies – and many of their pizzas cater for the vegetarian market.


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