The story behind cool menswear label OneU

OneU fuses streetwear with English Gent tailoring and their ‘Make Your Piece’ range offers customers the chance to create bespoke hoodies. Other key items in the collection include hooded blazers and tweed patched bomber jackets.

Label MD Salah tells us all about the label ‘,As the cliché goes, most designers will tell you they want to express themselves through fashion. Not me. I was never interested in fashion in the conventional sense.

I’m a sneaker fanatic of the Nike Air generation. The days when Jordan’s were imports and to own a pair required big money.

Although a devout streetwear fan you could say I started this business with an outside-in approach. I have no formal fashion education, bar a couple of short courses.

To me, fashion is an attitude and I want to inspire peoples’ confidence within. What better way to articulate this message than ‘OneU’? It appropriately has a personal tone characteristic of the label’s essence: to tailor to customers’ tastes.

We’re currently developing a service where the client has input on the final garment including cloth selection and details. We aim to involve the customer in their own unique piece, hence our marketing headline: Make Your Piece…

I wanted to come up with something that represents London and the UK so I drew inspiration from Street Art aesthetically, and Savile Row for product and service. As a matter of fact our designer is from Savile Row.

My first real boost was from the Prince’s Trust who provided funding and to date, continue to provide business support and advice…’

Find out more about this wicked label at or follow them on twitter  @OneU_london


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