Otto’s Beer and Slice for a Fiver Deal

If you’re a newcomer to the unique cormeal crust they serve at Otto Pizza then you need to take note of two things:

  • Cornmeal crust is waaaay more filling than the doughy regular stuff you get from Dominos
  • Cornmeal crust creates a sturdier base, so Otto’s chefs are mega generous and mega creative with toppings…

The fine chaps at Otto have decided that for the forseeable future, from 5.30pm til 7pm EVERY DAY you’ll be able to choose from any of the delicious pizza slice options on the menu (or the specials board) and wash it down with an American craft beer (Dixie) for a mere fiver.

Now – if you fancy a bit of West London fame and posterity, Otto have also introduced a leader board in the restaurant where they will be noting the monikers of customers who can manage 3 or more of these slice and beer combos. Apparently – according to Otto’s owner Richard – someone once managed ten slices, but we will believe this when we see it #urbanmyth

Find out more and view the menu at


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