Say it with PIE this Valentine’s…

Want to say it with PIE this Valentine’s?

Clapham based pie delivery company PIE London are offering their customers the chance to prove that pies can be romantic too.

The brainchild of locals Matt and Ant, PIE London feel their pies  (sourced from Scotland and made with organic and hand reared ingredients) taste better than those of their competitors and that pie should not be limited to gastropubs and football matches.

Their pies come with a selection of sides, mash and gravy and the  special Valentine’s day combo (for just £19.95) includes a pie meal for two, chocolate body paint and a bottle of bubbly, to get the romantic juices flowing.

Add a cheeseboard or chocolate brownie to your order – or choose from PIE’s selection of wines and beers.
Check out for more details.

PIE delivers to the South London area – get in touch for review requests


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