I’m Just Happy join the Ambiel roster

I’m Just Happy is the collective alias of Leon Rhymes and Pikey Esquire, a positive embrace of the culture and sounds from hip-hop, street art and urban living.

Combining jaw-dropping live beatbox from UK Beatbox finalist Pikey Esquire and infectious lyricism from Leon Rhymes – “I’m Just Happy” take a retrospective of back-to-street-corner basics, armed only with their god-given gift-of-gab and a positive attitude.

These two mainstays of award-winning hip-hop crew “Queens English,” under proud sponsorship from THTC, have used their ethos for good times to develop an unparalleled live show that has taken them to extensive venues throughout London and the UK.

Prolific and hard-working performers, man-of-action Leon performs at every opportunity while Pikey finishes his first UK tour behind underground group 3rdi to great acclaim. Pikey was runner-up to to the legendary Beardyman at the UK Beatbox Finals a few years back.

“First there was the beat. And then came the flow. Of course, it could have been the other way round. Only the chicken really knows. Or maybe we should ask the egg. We just want to blast out our own bone-crushing bass and lip wizardry, spreading beats, rhymes and smiles to the masses wherever we go.”

Have a listen: http://www.ambielmusic.com/im-just-happy-join-ambiel-music/


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