Get some corn in your pizza…

Otto Pizza is the UK’s only cornmeal crust pizza restaurant, based in Notting Hill.

The brainchild of self confessed slackers Tom and Rich, who discovered the innovative ingredient whilst in Portland on a road trip across the US in their camper van (named Otto).

After some extensive training and sampling they set up the restaurant and have been converting diners and trendsetters (including apparently Vogue and AA Gill) to the taste ever since.

Cornmeal crust pizza doesn’t just taste great – its sturdier nature means that it can hold more toppings. Otto’s generous lop-loads include ecclectic and seasonal ingredients such as butternut squash, tassel ham, cashew cheese and err… sprouts!

It is also much more filling – diners are encouraged to order by the slice – and doesn’t have the doughy taste of normal pizza base. Can’t decide which of the delicious combos to go for? Ask the eight ball – which the Otto boys keep in the kitchen – to decide for you…

Dine in and you can pair your pizza with their range of new world wines and American craft beers.

Want to find out more? check out

Contact if you are interested in reviewing some cornmeal crust pizza…


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