Area 51 sign to Ambiel

Area 51 Crew” – Armed with their vast knowledge of Hip Hop, Beat Producing, Word Connecting and organizing, Area 51 was formed to take over an industry that had long been overdue for a revolution. This album is that revolution. It is a day for all artists, major or independent to get their Hip Hop Freedom back. No more formulas, no more repetitive rhymes, no more wack beats, just real hip-hop.

Primary members include Apakalips, spitting a razor-sharp style with a steady Spanish and English flow. Never a stranger on the beats, Apakalips conceived most of the production on Area 51’s “Independent’s Day” album.

Random, the Master Communicator, is especially versed in drawing the crowd into a live musical experience always pushing the limits of rap music with intelligent lyrical content and an outspoken voice. Random is also one of the many producers for AREA 51.

And last but not least, the quiet one, Crow Magnum, who comes with cleaver rhymes and smooth patterns ready to make his mark in the hip-hop industry. Don’t let the disguise fool you. His rhymes speak for themselves.

Brought together through their mutual appreciation for Hip Hop, these three have been slowly leaving crop circles in the industry. Putting all colour lines aside and letting the music live through each song you hear. This is Independent Hip Hop at it’s best!

Have a listen here:


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