Gentleman’s Dub Club – EP and gig news

The first rule of Dub Club? You don’t talk about Dub Club.

Why? Cos there’s far too much pogo-ing, trilby wearing, rum drinking and *ahem* high grade lifestyle to be indulged in, that’s why.

Not to mention the fact that if you spend 20 minutes watching The Gents play live your mind will start wondering whether if you’d kept up trumpet lessons past Grade 4, if you’d really tried hard and practised instead of bunking off to the park, maybe, just maybe, you could have been THAT HORN PLAYER GUY.

Following a year of wall to wall festival appearances and two tours, seeing them entertain over 200,000 fans, the boys are back in town again on March 6th with a special showcase gig at London’s prestigious 100 Club.

They will be performing tracks from their ‘Open Your Eyes’ EP (released March 5th on Ranking Records) as well as brand spanking new stuff. Yep – fresh from the studio and ready to knock your socks off, previously unheard tunes. Gimme gimme gimme.

Want to review the EP? Chat to the boys? Persuade them to get their kecks off (like the Gay Times did)? Flirt with the trumpet player? Get on the list for the show?

For all the above requests, drop us a line at raw news…


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