Eat PIE.

We’re loving this great new company – called simply PIE – it does what it says on the tin.

Basically, if you live in South London and are a bit peckish, either go online to or call them up – choose from a whole caboodle of fancy meat combos (beef wellington, chicken and tarragon, anyone..?) and delish mash. Throw in a side order of peas or red cabbage – maybe a bottle of claret and a cheeseboard or a choccie brownie – and the PIE team will deliver to your abode within 40 minutes.

Partners Matt and Ant, who set up PIE in an attempt to serve the best in the business, also suggest that it’s the perfect way to win over a lady. And with Valentine’s coming up, it certainly makes a change from tacky flowers and teddy bears…

According to the boys ‘,PIE is a great thing for a date. especially when you’re ordering in! You can add a bottle of red to your PIE order, maybe a cheeky cheeseboard from our menu, cuddling up on the sofa on a Friday night.  it works every time. honest 😉

Want to review some PIE? Get in touch via Raw News

You can tweet about PIE too @PIElondon


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