Xmas parties at Cherryjam

Jingle Bells, Batman smells… it’s time to start thinking about saddling up the sleigh, decking the halls, trimming the turkey, icing the cake and generally spreading crimble joy to the world.

We’re big fans of all things Yule at Raw Material but if you’re not then the chances are a) you don’t have an amazing Xmas Party every year or b) you are Scrooge.

If the answer is a) then help is at hand as you can hire out Cherryjam any night (or day) of December and host an amazing shindig. Cherryjam can provide catering, yummy Xmas cocktails (like a Gingerbread Martini), champers, music, lights, cabs home… Or you can bring in your own DJs – the sound system is awesome!

Now – not only have we created a lovely little online brochure for you to pass on to whoever in your office is in charge of booking these things, BUT ALSO as a lil gift to you, if you drop us a line to let us know who you’ve passed it on to and they come and see the venue we will reward you with a table for six on a Friday night and throw in a bottle of bubbly! Hell, we’ll even rustle up some mince pies – it’s nearly Christmas, after all!

So – forward this lovely link on to your office secret Santa:http://issuu.com/cherryjam/docs/cherryjam_xmas

then drop us a line: rawnews@raw-material.co.uk


If you actually *do* happen to be Scrooge, or the Grinch, then why not host an Anti Xmas party and Bah Humbug the night away…?


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