What Tally Koren found out about the Mona Lisa

Now, you might have been following the amazing story of 48 year old ex-model turned singer Tally Koren and her obsession with the number 72. For 72 days she has been filming short videos where she discovers more about this mystical number and posting them on her blog: http://www.tallykoren.com/

Now – she only has one more day of the 72 left and she’s ending on a big story! Did you know there is a connection between the number 72 and the Mona Lisa??? No – we didn’t either but if you watch the below, all will be revealed..

Tally is an amazing personality – she has NO record label backing and is creating music (and these video diaries) with the help of willing volunteers. I’m sure she won’t mind us saying she’s a bit like a cult leader, but in the nicest possible way!

Tally also has a single called ’72 Names’ which is out on itunes and you can get it here.


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