Be Introduced to B-Tempted

B-Tempted make delicious gluten free baked goods; ranging from yummy white chocolate and pistachio bites and brownies (sold in Harrods, Fortnums and Whole Foods) to hand delivered birthday boxes of cute cupcakes.

We’re looking forward to helping them launch what we’re currently calling their ‘wondercake’ – more to be revealed next week (but if you’re a food writer, please do get in touch!)

B-tempted was set up by ex-City worker Sarah Hilleary and has since gone from strength to strength, having recently been named a Smarta 100 company!

For more info go to

Gluten free products are not just for coeliacs! We have discovered all sorts of benefits of trying to be ‘a little bit gluten free’ including weight loss, flatter tummies, better skin – and celebs such as Posh, Gwynnie and Oprah have raved about it…


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