Rich Hendry: Exhibition of Works, Skybar 7th Sept to 12th Oct

Born in Scotland in 1978, Rich Hendry’s photography has taken inspiration over the years from the intricate and complex beauty in nature, pushing his craft to extremes and bringing personal stories to life – although he cites his grandmother’s Vogue magazines as what drove him to pick up a camera at an early age!

Often experimenting with techniques, Hendry treats each work as a challenge and will often re-work an image or return to a location to reshoot until his mind’s eye vision is created. And sometimes the right angle is just out of bounds; hence Hendry has a passport littered with stamps from countries less travelled and has even been arrested on suspicion of espionage in pursuit of his visual perfection.

With minute attention to detail and an obsession with shades of grey, Hendry’s workspace is filled with World War II maps and pages torn from graphic novels. The three series in this exhibition have been chosen to hang together as – although they
are very different in style and technique – they are all are shot from an
emotional stance that is prevalent in Rich’s work.

The series of seascapes, shot in North West Scotland at the edge of the British Isles; an area that was once the edge of the known world. Hendry sought to capture the subtle beauty that can be there, as opposed to the all the clichéd Scottish landscape
picture postcard images. His images capture the stillness and sense of
isolation that can only be felt away from the madding crowd. The images
in this series have been printed digitally using a metallic paper to help
reflect the coolness of the scenes, while still holding the warm tones in the
sky and sea.

The series of five ephemeral state liquids was born out of a long process of experimenting in the studio with very fast speeds – these photographs were captured at 1/10,000 of a second, and it is the aim for each to represent a fleeting moment or instance that can only exist in one state for one time before it is gone forever. One of the ideas behind these images is to make the viewer question what they are seeing –
it is a liquid, solid, plant? In many ways they represent thoughts and ideas that
can as quickly exist as they can vanish.

Hendry was instantly drawn to the exhibition space and wanted to also
create something bespoke to this exhibition. Looking down from the Skybar; inspired
by the turmoil of East London below – and seeing the city out of its usual
context, with a sense of detachment  – he felt it drew a correlation with the themes of overwhelming peace and fleeting moments found in both the Liquid and Seascape series. Hendry feels in many ways the spontaneity with which this series was created is a representation of the beautiful instances and moments that one can have in the City.




Rich Hendry regularly shoots advertising commissions and editorial pieces worldwide. His series ‘Fight Me’ (portraits of CageFighters) was previously included as part of the Mutate Britain exhibition in
2009 and Hendry is a regular artwork contributor to Societe Perrier’s culture bible.

There will be a Private View for press and guests for this exhibition on 22nd September and the exhibition takes place at the Skybar, Nido Building, Spitalfields from 7th Sept to 12th October

More information on the artist can be found at

Rich is available for interviews.


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